Tuesday, February 12, 2013

DIY Cardboard Whale Tissue Box Holder

Once again, I fell in love with something that I saw on Etsy:  a whale tissue box holder.  Although he was super cute, I couldn't justify spending the money.  So... I crapted my own.

Would you like to make your own whale tissue holder?  If so, read on!

- Pen
- Ruler
- Exacto knife
- Scissors
- Tacky glue (I used Aleene's)
- Packing tape
- Paint
- Paint brushes
- Mod Podge
- Foam brush
- Cardboard  (<-- Crap!)

1. Measure and cut out
2 pieces of rectangular cardboard, 3 3/4 inches x 9 1/2 inches 
- 2 pieces of rectangular cardboard, 3 3/4 inches x 5 inches

2.  Cut out the shape of a whale tail from a piece of cardboard.  Cut out a small slit at the end of your tail.  Cut out a similar slit in the center of one of your smaller cardboard pieces.  Make sure the tail slides snugly into the rectangle.  

3.  Glue your four rectangular pieces together to create the sides of your tissue box holder.   (I used tacky glue and packing tape to securely attach the pieces together.)  Then, slide the whale tale in and tape it down as well.

 4.  Measure the top of your creation and cut out another rectangular piece of cardboard to place on top.  Cut out a rectangle where your tissues usually come out.

(I made my top rectangle 5 inches by 9 1/2 inches.  It was slightly too narrow, but I used it anyway because I ran out of cardboard.)

5.  Paint your box.  Then, give it a couple of coats of Mod Podge to protect your paint job.



  1. Love it! And I'm definitely crafting this some weekend. We have loads and LOADS of cardboard.

    Hey, you could even make your own Valentines box this way.... You should add that to tomorrow's crafting agenda!

  2. That is adorable. I love how all your crafts can be made without spending lots of money :)

  3. "Crapted" is right.

  4. can u make it with cereal boxes???


    make something made with cereal boxes...!!!

    1. Hrrmm... maybe. But it would probably be pretty flimsy. I think the corrugated cardboard would work the best. If you want to see a cereal box craft, check out my kids craft tab. There are lots of things there made from cereal boxes! :-) Thanks for visiting!

  5. You are so madly creative with all the materials! I'm totally amazed!!

    1. :) Thanks Onel. Your stuff is pretty cool too.


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