Monday, August 29, 2011

Me against the machine

Even though hubby and I purchased the sewing machine awhile back, I must admit something.

I've been too scared to use it.

Sure, I helped hubby tackle sewing projects, but I always took on the non-sewing roles. I created patterns, pinned fabric together, or cut cloth.  I never used the machine.  

Ack!  Make the scary machine go away!

Why was I so scared?  Well, with ten clumsy digits and one very sharp knife needle, I was afraid of sewing through my fingers.  Plus, I didn't care for all those new-fangled knobs and handles.  (Give me an old-fashioned needle and a spool of thread and I'm set.  Really.)  Lastly, using the sewing machine required me to move my hands and feet at the same time.  Eek.  I'm terribly uncoordinated.  Ask any of my gym teachers.  (On a semi-related note- I apologize to all previous gym teachers.  I didn't mean to hit you with the basketballs, tennis balls, footballs, kick balls, badminton birdies, or soccer balls.)  

As we waited for Baby Chuck Norris's arrival this past weekend (he's still not here), I realized something monumental:  Giving birth is way scarier than sewing on a machine.


And with this very obvious realization the heavens opened and I became inspired to sew.  Using this set of directions I set to work sewing a nursing cover.  Although the directions said that the entire project could be completed in 30 minutes, it took me a tad bit longer (2.5 hours.)  But, I'm proud to say that after a lot of ironing, measuring, re-measuring, re-ironing, cursing (silently in my head), sewing, and re-sewing I did it!  Here's the final result of my labor:

I chose this fabric because the pattern reminded me of Charlie.

Ooooh!  What lovely boning and d-ring details!

Oooh!  Look at that terry cloth corner (to wipe Baby Chuck Norris's mouth).

And so, I'm proud to say yes, I can!  Yes! I defeated my fear of the sewing  machine.  Yes!  I still have all 10 fingers.  Yes! I know how to sew three pieces of rectangular cloth together!