Thursday, September 1, 2011

The answer is no

A couple of weeks ago I noticed a strange rhythmic thumping in my belly. It almost seemed like Baby Norris was keeping time to music.  After noticing this strange phenomenon several other times I started to wonder... was Baby Chuck Norris a musical prodigy?  Is he taking after his namesake?

They do say that (the real) Chuck Norris:
  • can play techno music with his heart
  • can stop the music
  • taught Jimi Hendrix to play guitar
  • can conduct an orchestra using subtle variations of roundhouse kicks

Hmm.  Well, after some extensive internet searching, I found out that sadly, Baby Chuck Norris is not a musical prodigy.  He just has baby hiccups.   :) How cute is that?

(By the way, Baby Norris is still not here.)