Friday, September 9, 2011

So we finally meet...

Hello everyone!  I've re-emerged.  Things are pretty hectic around here.  Hubby, Charlie, and I are slowly getting to know Baby and he's slowly getting to know us.

Even though Baby has a real name, I'll keep referring to him as Baby Norris* in this blog.  In honor of his first week out of the womb, here's a visual retelling of our first encounter:

"So, you're the one who kept me captive for 39 weeks..."

"Now that I'm finally out, I can show you how I feel..."

((Kapow!)) "Take that, female captor!"

*Somehow this pseudonym seems so appropriate...


  1. mr norris is so-o cute! mommy you are looking great!

  2. i was almost ready to shed tears of joy as i started reading your post...then with the third picture, i just started cracking up. baby chuck really looks like hubby junior. we just love him...he is so adorable! so cute! is he keeping you up all night?

  3. Luckily we get some hours of sleep... :)

  4. I was thinking the same thing, Les you look really good! Great pictures of the mother and baby and I'm loving the choice of black and white :)Baby Norris is such a cutie pie. Please do take more adorable pictures to share!


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