Monday, October 31, 2011

Spooky celebrations

Today we're celebrating two events:
(1)  It's finally Halloween, my favorite holiday of the year. 
(2)  It's the one year anniversary of my blog.  *Throws imaginary confetti in the air and blows noisemaker*

As we all know, Charlie just loves wearing costumes.  (As seen here and here.)  With the new addition to our family, Charlie was gracious enough to whip up two matching costumes, inspired by Dr. Seuss characters.   Although Baby Norris is still too young to fully appreciate this holiday, I do think he enjoyed dressing up. 

DIY baby thing 1 Halloween costume
Baby Norris- "So this is what it feels like to have hair.  I kind of like it."

DIY dog Halloween Costume Thing 1
Charlie- "Aw mom, I'm having a bad hair day."

Happy Halloween!


  1. Oh my goodness, how creative is that! The sewing machine must be quite busy coming up with those matching costumes. Great work guys! Baby CN looks a little bit like he just couldn't quite work out what his Mom and Dad have done to him! (FOS-LM)

  2. Happy Halloween! Adorable baby CN and Charlie!

  3. and Happy Anniversary to the Pink Stripey Socks!

  4. the cutest thing 1, thing 2 ever!!! great job on the costumes! where did you get the wigs? ... and happy anniversary pink stripey socks!!!

  5. :) Glad you guys liked the outfits.

    The two red outfits were purchased at a thrift store. I just hand sewed the circular "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" labels onto them. I made the wigs using fuzzy blue scarves. I sewed the blue scarf onto a baby hat for Baby Norris's wig and I just sewed the scarf into a hair piece for Charlie's wig. (Charlie's wig kept falling it just looked pretty but it wasn't very functional.)


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