Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hi everyone

It's me, Baby Chuck.

Mom's been kind of tired lately, so I'm helping out with today's post.  Guess what's new?  I've outgrown my newborn 0-3 months clothes and now I'm wearing my 3-6 months clothes.  Mom says that I'm getting to be a big boy.  She even put me in some big boy pants today.

Uh oh.  I gotta go.  Mom's waking up and I have to sneak back into my crib before she notices I'm gone.  Bye!    


  1. My oh my ... you are getting to be a big boy Baby Chuck and a handsome one! I am sure Grandparents from Down Under can't wait to meet you and give you lots of hugs and kisses just like from Grand Aunt from Wisconsin.

    And if the weather permits, I plan to see you again on Thanksgiving!(FOS-LM)

  2. Baby Chuck you are so cute! You are growing so quickly and nicely filling up the baby carrier :) Please say hello to your fam for us :P


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