Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lotions and potions

Things are finally slowly settling down here.  Baby Chuck is getting less fussy during the daytime and he's sloooooowly adjusting to nighttime sleeping.   (Hooray!)  We hit a low point last week when he woke up every half an hour, but this week we're bouncing back to two- or three- hour stints.  Thank goodness, because the bags under my eyes were developing bags of their own.   

We think that Baby Chuck's eczema is one of the reasons behind his moodiness and sleeplessness.  He's constantly scratching the red, weepy, angry-looking patches that appear all over.  Poor boy.  Right now we're working on uncovering the irritants that cause the spots and we're also trying to ease the itchiness by dousing his body with lotion.

Thanks to Nanna, our lotion collection has exploded.  I think Baby Chuck now has enough products to open an online store.

Chuck-  "Eczema, you're no match for my army of lotions!"