Friday, January 20, 2012

Sadly, they're baaa-aack

After a couple of days of clear skin, I woke up yesterday and saw tiny red spots all over Baby Chuck's head and around his nose and mouth.  There's also some funny yellow crusting around his nose.  Rats!  The doctor told us to keep putting the cream on his face and to schedule another appointment if things don't clear up within a week.  Luckily, our little man still seems to be in a good mood...  

I'm mum's little trooper

which is somewhat surprising given that he also vomited several times yesterday and once this morning.  (Thank goodness for waterproof mattress protectors.)  So, we've been doing a LOT of laundry around here.

Don't worry mum, I'll take care of these.

Hubby and I are trying our best to keep our spirits up.  Hopefully the doctors can help us figure out what's wrong...

Have a great weekend.  Be sure to stay healthy and warm.


  1. That's discouraging for all of us. He still looks gorgeous though. We'll keep praying that he will get better soon.


  2. Oh no!! Does that mean Baby Chuck needs more steroids on the skin?? ):

  3. Things are now looking better. I guess eczema is just one of those things that looks bad one day and good the next. We're definitely going to visit the derma again to work things out...


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