Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Test results

Baby Chuck's eczema is flaring up again.  Today we visited the dermatologist's office and then took Chuck to a nearby lab to get his blood drawn.

Note:  This was the first attempt.  His veins were soo tiny that we had to visit another lab to get the blood drawn.

He was a trooper and the lab techs were great.  We're hoping the test will reveal the cause of his eczema.  Is he allergic to milk?  Eggs?  Soy?  Wheat?  Dust?  Pollen?  Dog dander?  (Any guesses?  Hubby guesses eggs and chickpeas.  I'm guessing eggs and milk.  Charlie hopes it's not dog dander.)  Until we find out the results, we'll keep using the meds, giving him bleach baths (strange... but it's doctor's orders!) and moisturizing.  (Now, if only I could just rest him in a large tub of moisturizer.  But alas, even Sam's Club doesn't sell containers that large.)