Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sofa Series 1: You had me at yel-low

I want to own furniture that's functional and/or (but preferably and) beautiful.  Sadly, our current couch is neither.  It's brown and saggy.  It's also horribly uncomfortable.

Well, buy a new couch, you say.  Yes, I wholeheartedly agree.  But where can we find a couch that's (a) easy to clean, (b) comfortable, (c) cute,  and (d) affordable? 

This past weekend hubby and  I visited our local Salvation Army and that's where I spotted the one.

Time stood still.  My heart raced as my eyes took in its velvety yellow exterior.  I glanced longingly at its tufted buttons and delicate wooden feet.  And just to make sure that it was real and not a figment of my imagination, my hand lightly traced its long and curvy frame.

For $50 it was mine.  My precious.  My own.   Oops.  Silly me, I mean ours- of course.

Hubba hubba.  Look at the curves on this one.

Now don't get me wrong, this couch has suffered a lot of wear and tear over the years.  I may be a dreamer, but I'm not blind. The upholstery is worn, the cushions sag, and the frame is covered in nicks and scratches.  But hubby and I didn't let that deter us.  We saw potential.  Why, with just a little tlc, this old gal could be the comfy and beautiful furniture of our dreams.

So now let's see what a little creativity and elbow grease can do...


  1. $50 - what a great deal! looking forward......

  2. Without meaning to be a buzzkill, please check the sofa first for unwanted bugs - i.e. bedbugs to be precise. Do you recall that episode in 'Big Bang Theory' where Penny took in this beautiful chair from the street only to realize later on that there was a creature crawling in the upholstery? Our kids had a similar incident with a sofa which they took into their apartment. They had to fumigate the apartment later when they found out that the sofa had bedbugs which had eventually migrated to their other furniture.

    So just check it out first. And after you have confirmed that it is clear, then enjoy your new-found classic!

    Tito Ric

    1. Good advice. I haaaate bedbugs. Yuck. They freak me out. We're definitely getting that checked out!

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