Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Baby teeth

Baby Chuck is currently teething.  We noticed the classic signs several weeks ago.  He was fussy, drooling, tugging at his ears, and biting toys.  Our suspicions were confirmed when these two pearly whites appeared not too long ago.

Since this is a pretty big developmental milestone, I figured I'd honor his accomplishment with a baby badge. 
Is it strange for a tooth to have a tooth?

And since I was drawing badges, I figured I'd also give him one to honor his foray into solids.
I'm not sure what this baby ate...


  1. awwww!!! soon, before you know it he'll be crawling and walking!!! ;) i can't wait until he starts talking ;D :D :D

  2. That is so exciting.!!!! Now he needs a toothbrush. isnt he so cute!!!! yes, teething makes them super fussy. Must be painful as the tooth cuts the gums.


  3. exciting news! soon he will be feasting on lots of yummy food!


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