Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring break 2012

Hi everyone,

It's me, Baby Chuck.

Last week was my first spring break.  Spring break is when daddy stays at home.  Spring break is also when daddy takes us to fun places like the grocery store and the mall.  I like spring break a lot.

Even though it wasn't warm enough to go to the beach, mom and I put out a towel and pretended we were on the sand.

I like pretend beaches

Of course I had to work on my tan too!

Mom said that one day we'd go to the real beach.  I can't wait to see the sand and the water.

Hope you had a good weekend!

Baby Chuck


  1. Hi Grand son Chuck - You are so handsome and cool in that outfit. Hope you have a good time this coming spring and of course the summer! I wish I could share those times with you too! Unfortunately we are far apart so it is really good to get these messages from you. Love always Grandpa from Oz

  2. Hello chucka chuk. Looks like springtime is for you. You have lovely skin today. Cant help but admire your flawless skin when i saw you today. What's the secret for the perfectskin? Must be thegettingout of thehouse, the malling and the shopping.must take after nanna.


  3. dear baby norris, your smile light up our day.

  4. ;) just like to tell you that someone at school saw baby chuck's face on my computer and said, "OMG WHAT A CUTE BABY!!!"

    so cute. can't wait to see him again!!!

  5. I love the picture where he is sitting up. So cute!!

  6. Baby karate norris is already sitting up, so it seems in the picture. I am waiting oh so patiently for the day when I can finally see him face to face, to give him endless amounts of smooches. : )


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