Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DIY- Polka dot shorts

A couple weeks ago I spotted this pair of red polka dot capris in the thrift store:

They were an odd length and didn't quite work as pants.  But since I loved the color and the polka dot pattern, I figured I could salvage them by turning them into shorts.  This past weekend I took the leap and did it.
Here's what we did:
(1)  I used one of my favorite shorts as a template and cut the pants about an inch longer than my shorts.  (2)  Hubby used a zigzag stitch to make sure that the raw edge didn't unravel.
(3)  Hubby folded the legs up and sewed them using a basic running stitch.
(4)  We thought the shorts were still a bit too long, so he folded them up sewed them using a running stitch again.      

Here are our final results:     

And since we had a bunch of cute fabric, we created a heart shaped patch to hide a stain on a bag. 

It was surprisingly easy to turn pants into shorts.  Thanks hubby for being my seamster!  (Is that even a word?)