Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hubby alters lockers

With only a week left to go, we've been making our last trips to the thrift stores to stock up on furniture before our move back East.  (Sure, they have a lot of great stuff in New Jersey and New York, but everything is just a lot more affordable here.)  

Last weekend hubby spotted two lockers at a thrift store.  Here's what a locker looked like: 

Metal Locker from Ikea is a Grey Furniture for Sale in Pine Island NY
(We didn't bring our camera, so I borrowed this photo of a similar locker from here)

Hubby really liked their industrial feel and thought they could replace for our current television stand.  (Now that Baby Chuck is starting to move around, he tries to grab the books, plates, and wires sitting on that thing.)  I was a bit skeptical about the lockers.  Would they look good with our big green sofa?  Does metal "go" with tufted buttons and curvy white feet?

After lots of back and forth discussion, we decided to get the two pieces on one condition:  hubby would modify them according to my specifications.  Lucky for me, he agreed.

I wanted to soften up the pieces and make them more quirky.  So, I asked hubby to spray paint the front panels white and change the door locks to drawer handles.  Here's the final result of hubby's labor:

Note:  This is hubby's first time spray painting!  He said it was lot of fun and easier than painting with a brush.

I really like how the pieces turned out.  They look modern and playful.
Hubby is a superdeedooper diy-er!