Friday, September 7, 2012

Crapty Fridays- DIY photo filters

You probably saw this post and wondered, "Um, was that a typo?"

The answer:  No.

I've decided to try crapting something once a week.  Crapting is when I take a piece of junk (any worthless piece of crap) and try to make something from it.  The resulting item could be really neat or weird or really... well... crappy.  Whatever the result may be, I'm hoping that this crapty (hee hee) exercise will work out my brain, hands, and creative juices.

Here's my first crapt (hee hee):  A DIY photo filter.

After seeing the super talented ladies at A Beautiful Mess create photo filters using transparencies and permanent markers, I thought I could go crapty and use a disposable plastic snack container instead of a transparency: 
Ahh, sharpie marker on crap.

Here's what it looked like when I placed my crapty filter in front of my lens:
Ooh- Cheesy horror movie  effect

Here's what it looked like when I placed the filter in front of my flash:
Left:  Without filter                                                       Right:  With filter

With a night's worth of fun under our belts I was all set to toss out the filter.  But I changed my mind after realizing that nail polish remover could remove sharpie marker.   Ooh!  With a couple wipes and a doodles, I had a new filter to use.  (Cha-ching.  Double crapting points):

The next day I played around with this new filter.  Here are some of my better photos:

Thanks for joining me on my first crapty adventure!
What would you make out of a disposable plastic cover?
What should I crapt with next?