Friday, September 14, 2012

Crapty Fridays- Making stamps out of styrofoam plates

I'm a jealous crafter.
For the past couple of months I've suffered from envy...fruit and vegetable stamp envy.

Whenever I see other crafters using produce like apples or potatoes to create beautiful stamps, I always think, "Gee, that looks like fun.  I wish I could do that."  I then go to the grocery store intending to buy and carve something beautiful.  But once I make my way to the produce section I can never push myself to actually do it.  I'd much rather eat food then craft with food.  Potato stamp.... or creamy potato salad? (Yum.)  Apple stamp... or healthy and crunchy snack?  (Double yum.)  My hunger beats my crafting intentions every time. 

Since produce stamping is probably out of the picture for me, I've turned to another option:  Styrofoam bowls.  We had a couple of random ones lying around.  I was going to toss out, but then I felt the strong urge to crapt.  (Tee hee.)   Here's what I did:

I drew and cut out shapes to act as the stamps. I also cut out large rectangles to create stamp handles.

I used plain ol' Elmers glue to glue my cutout shapes to their respective rectangle handles.  (Note: I made sure that my rectangular handle was thinner than my shape.  I didn't want the handle to be part of the stamp too!)

To "ink" up my stamps, I painted craft paint onto them.  Then, I repainted the stamp each time I made an imprint. 

I'm glad I went with simple shapes because my craft paint kind of squished and oozed underneath my stamp.  A lot of my imprints were far from perfect, but I'd think that adds a certain crafty charm, right?  I'm unsure whether this activity was similar in any way to real fruit and vegetable stamping, but it was the perfect crapty project to help me get over my stamping envy... for now.

How would you crapt with a used Styrofoam plate? 
What should I crapt with next??