Thursday, October 18, 2012

Black beans and chocolate

Yummy or yucky?

Black beans, oatmeal, cocoa powder, sugar, and maple syrup

Last Saturday morning I thought I would change things up.  Instead of making the usual mochi cake, I tried out two new recipes for wheat-free black bean brownies. 

I was super excited to try out the new recipes.  Hubby, on the other hand, was extremely skeptical of the strange black bean and chocolate pairing.  It turns out that he had good reason to be.  My first batch came out shockingly sweet and sludgy.  It was essentially inedible and we had to toss the brownies out.  My second batch turned out tasteless, pasty, and dry.  

After these two failed  attempts, I thought that hubby might be right.  Perhaps black beans and chocolate weren't meant to be friends after all?

Now that my tummy had a couple of days rest, I'm feeling re-energized and determined to tweak my previously used recipes.  Hopefully I'll figure out that perfect combination of ingredients to create a yummy dessert that's chocolatey and high in fiber. 

Then we could eat chocolate all the time and  be healthy too. 

Do you know of a good black bean brownie recipe?