Monday, November 5, 2012

Saying Thanks

So it's been about a week that we've been storing things that we're thankful for in our Jar of Thanks.  At first it was a bit strange to keep jotting down notes, but now I'm beginning to like it.  Each time I write and drop a note I'm acknowledging something good in our life.

Lately I've also been making it a point to thank others more.  "Thank you" is only two small words, but I think they will grow a spirit of gratitude in me. I've also been trying to explain why I appreciate what somebody did.  Then maybe the other person will feel loved and appreciated with my verbal acknowledgement.

Here's hoping that it works.

(Funny side note:  I told hubby that I was trying to say "Thank you" more, and he responded, "Is that why you've been saying thank you so much lately?" Oh dear.  Oh well, let's see how this all goes.)

(By the way, thank you, dear reader for visiting this blog.  Whether you're a first time or frequent visitor, I appreciate your interest and support.  It encourages me to keep on blogging and crafting.)