Thursday, January 17, 2013

Crapty cardboard cereal box giraffe

So this is the adorable cardboard giraffe that I fell in love with.  
Meet Chloe. (Isn't she darling?)

And here she is au naturale:
This time I used a tissue box to make her.

I can't take any credit for this template.  My talented momma friend Vanessa made it up and let me share it with you.  This little giraffe was super easy to make and fun to decorate too.  (Polka dots... oooh la la!)

Best part is that little elephant Ella now has someone to play with...
Beasty besties

Just download this free giraffe template to make your very own Chloe the giraffe.

Happy making, friends!


  1. These are just so sweet and cute.

  2. They are so adorbz. Great job! All you need now is a zebra to join the bunch.

  3. This is cute! I have shared this on my blog (


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