Friday, January 4, 2013

Crapty DIY galaxy light jar

You know how there are TONS and TONS of beautiful craft posts floating around online?

Well, this isn't one of them.

This week's crapt is a DIY galaxy light jar... and it came out looking a tad... crapty.

Don't get me wrong,  making this galaxy light jar would be a really fun activity to do with a young child.  And if you squint your eyes and tilt your head just so... the jar and lights do sort of resemble the night sky.  But, sadly mine just didn't turn out as cool looking as the one from this Design Mom post.  Perhaps I needed a stronger LED light?  Or a jar with a wider mouth?  Hmm....

Anyway, if you love the night sky, or if you have a child that loves staring at the stars and space, maybe you'd like to make one of these? Here's what you'll need:

- scissors
- tape
- skewer
- 1 small LED light (I just used our bicycle light)
- jar (with opening large enough to fit your light)
- disposable cake tin <-- crap!

(1)  Smooth out your cake tin (I just rubbed the scissor's handles against the metal to flatten out the ridges)

(2)  Cut out a rectangle from your cake tin.  Make sure that it's tall as your jar (it reaches from the bottom all the way to the lid)

(3)  Trace the bottom of your jar onto the cake tin and cut the circle out.

(4)  Use a skewer to punch a bunch of holes into your rectangle and circle.  (You want to see lots of starry light, so you'll need to punch a loooot of holes.)

(5)  Tape your metal circle to the bottom of the jar

(6)  Roll your rectangle into a cylinder.  Tape the cylinder so it keeps its shape.  Squeeze your cylinder into your jar.

Yup.  It's looking crapty already....
(7)  Turn on your LED light and drop it in the jar. (Make sure the light faces the bottom of the jar.)  Screw on the lid.

(8)  Turn off the lights in your room. Orient the jar so that it's resting on the lid.  Enjoy your very own mini galaxy.


  1. Very galactic indeed. Love it!

  2. I think it would be awesome if you would mount it atop a motorized lazy susan!

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