Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Make your own rainbow flowers

Last weekend, I made these rainbow flowers.
Aren't they purty?

Make rainbow flowers

Wanna bring some rainbow cheer into your life? 
They're easy to make.  Plus, you get to see science at work.

Materials Needed to Make Rainbow flowers:

- white flowers 
- Exacto knife (or any sharp knife)
- cutting board
- food coloring
- water
- glasses

Directions to Make Rainbow flowers:

1)  Make four glasses of colored water (I dripped about 25 drops of food coloring into each glass to make my liquids almost opaque with color.)

2)  Perform flower surgery. It's time to split your stems.  Slice the stems in half.  Then slice those halves into halves.  Your flower stem should now split into four.  

Note 1:  Don't cut the stems all the way.  Just cut them high enough so that your flowers will be able to stand up by themselves as they drink the colored liquid in.  
Note 2:  Some stems were so thin that I was only able to split them in half.  That's why some of my flowers are only two colors.

Let flowers rest on something while they drink in food coloring
Cut stems into four to make rainbow flowers
3) Check back in a couple of hours and you should start seeing the petals turning different colors.  Contain your excitement and wait.  Let your flowers stand in the colored water overnight.  Then, come back in the morning and enjoy your very own rainbow flowers.

Make rainbow flowers with food coloring