Sunday, February 3, 2013

Crapty marshmallow poppers

Did you watch the game? Wasn't it a nail biter? I'm a once-a-year football watcher and even I couldn't tear my eyes away.

Since it was Baby Chuck's first Super Bowl experience, hubby and I tried to make the experience special. We were going to have a small Super Bowl watching party, but then hubby ran into a couple problems at work... and we had to cancel. So we ended up watching the game, just the three of us.

To help make the game a bit more toddler-friendly, I crapted these marshmallow poppers. We had fun using them to shoot marshmallows across the room and at our crapted field goal.

Exacto knife / scissors
- Yogurt container
- Balloon
- Packing Tape
- Marshmallows

1.  Cut out the bottoms of your yogurt containers.

2.  Cut off the top of your balloon (about 1/2 an inch), and then tie the other end into a knot.

3. Stretch the balloons over the larger opening of the yogurt container.  Use packing tape and tape the balloon down to the yogurt container.

4. Enjoy your poppers.

Now, to shoot your poppers, just
1.  Drop a marshmallow into your popper.
2.  Pull the knot back to stretch out the balloon.  Let the marshmallow roll into the indentation created in the balloon.
3.  Aim
4.  Let go of the knot and watch your marshmallow soar.

(Alternatively, you could also just use the popper to shoot air balls at each other.  It's amazing how strong these little guys are!)

Can you see the little white circle above the truck?  That's not an unidentified flying object.  It's a marshmallow!