Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Make Eggshell Mosaic Pots

Can you feel spring in the air?  

In honor of the warmer weather and my love for mosaics, today's post is all about decorating tiny pots with eggshell mosaics.

Mosaic Eggshell Pots

mosaic eggshell pots- fun kids craft idea for Easter
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When I spotted this project in this Mosaics (Step-by-Step Children's Crafts) I knew that I had to try it out.  I decorated one pot filled with strawberry seeds and another pot filled with daisy seeds.  (Can you tell which is which?) 

I think these little guys came out so darling and cute.  If you feel the need to brighten up your windowsill and exercise your crafty mind and green thumb, read on!  (Ooh!  I just had a clever idea- wouldn't this be a nice gift for mother's day?)

Here are the materials I used:

- Eggshells (I used 3 eggs and that made more than enough "mosaic tiles" for this project)
- Pots (I found seed and pot combo containers at Target.  Man oh man, the dollar section at Target just sucks me in every time.)
- Craft paint
- Paint brushes
- Mini muffin tin (or something else to separate your eggshells once you've painted them)
- Skewer (or a coffee stirrer)
- Small heavy object


Step 1.  Wash and dry your eggshells.  

Step 2.  Clean the outside of your pots.

Step 3.  Paint your eggshells different colors.  (I had an idea about my design beforehand, so I just chose those colors).  Let your paint dry.

Step 4.  Smash your eggshells.  (Chuck assisted me in this step.)  You don't have to crush them completely.  Remember, you can always break the pieces smaller later... but it's kind of hard to glue on egg powder.

Step 5.  Paste on your eggshells.  I just put on a blob of glue in one spot and then started placing eggshells in the glue.  

- I found it very helpful to use the skewer to slide my pieces around.  I tried using my finger tip at first but it ended up just sticking to the eggshellls.
- I placed a small heavy object inside of my pot to stop it from rolling while I worked on it.

Step 6.  Let your mosaic dry overnight.  Then, plant your seeds and enjoy your beautiful pots.

*Crosses fingers*  I sure hope that my seeds grow.  I'll let you know if any strawberries or daisies sprout....

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