Thursday, May 2, 2013

Freezer paper stenciled "dreaming of you" pillow cases

One of the cutest wedding gifts I got was a set of pillowcases from my friend Kim.  
(image from here)

I love how the two pillowcases go together.  So when I saw that Justine from Kerr-afty Creations designed her own set of pillowcases that went together, I had to copy the idea.  (Thanks Justine!)

The pillows are designed so that it looks like one person is dreaming of the other.  I thought the pillowcases would be a nice wedding gift to S and A.  I have pretty shaky hands, so instead of directly painting the images on I used the freezer paper stencil technique.  Here are some photos of my work:  

The end result was pretty cute.  But warning- If you try this design out, make sure that you carefully iron the cloud on.  I wasn't so careful and paint seeped through one of the edges.  Eek!