Wednesday, July 17, 2013

6 things to do with gummy bears

I thought you might need a giggle, so here's a list of six things you can do with gummy bears (besides eat them).

6 Ways to Play with Gummy Bears

6 Ways to Play with Gummy Bears - Fun and tasty STEM activity to do with the kiddos!

1.  Grow your gummy bears! 

place gummy bears in liquid and grow them
Left:  Big gummy bear                  Right:  Original size

Place gummy bears in a bowl of liquid.  (I placed some in a bowl of water and others in ginger ale)   Place the bowls in the fridge overnight.  Come back and you'll find bigger (and squishier) gummy bears.  (After two days the gummy bears had a ginger ale taste.  Slightly weird... and very cool.)

Or, you could just place the gummy bears in water and let the kids play with them first.  Over time, they should grow.  (Think of them like edible water beads!  )

2.  Bake your gummy bears in the oven!

melt gummy bears in oven
A bunch of gummy bears + 300 degree oven = sticky melted glob

Simply place your gummy bears in a cool design on a baking pan lined with parchment paper.  Then place them in a 300 degree oven.  Pull them out when they've melted!

3.  Freeze your gummy bears!

(Ok, this one is pretty self-explanatory.)

make gummy bear ice-cubes
Gummy bear ice-cubes

4.  Give them body part transplants

do gummy bear surgery
"Now I can totally see things from your perspective."

Plastic knife + gummy bears = candy surgery!

5.  Nuke those bears

Test out what happens to gummy bears in the microwave.

nuke gummy bears in the microwave
Anybody want some sticky gummy bear soup?

6.  Give your gummy bears organ transplants

Use a stirrer to pull out gummy bear bits.  Then, use a tooth pick to inject them into other gummy bears.

6 Ways to Play with Gummy Bears - Fun and tasty STEM activity to do with the kiddos!
Recovering heart transplant and brain transplant patients

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Have fun!

(Note:  Unfortunately many gummy bears were hurt in the making of this post.)