Sunday, July 28, 2013

Voting for Earth911's "Stash your cash" Design Challenge

Let's imagine that you're traveling somewhere and you wanted a sneaky and DIY way to hide your cash from would-be robbers.  What would you make?  How would you make it? 

Go on, take a moment to think about it.  I'll just twiddle my thumbs and wait.  *Twiddle, twiddle* 

Why do I ask?  Well, about a month ago, I was posed this exact question by the staff of Earth911, a neat website providing people with information and ideas for reducing everyday waste. (Can you tell?  These are definitely my kind of people.)

They invited a couple of bloggers to participate in their "Stash your cash" design challenge.  Each blogger had to think up one sneaky way to hide money.  We were allowed to make whatever we wanted, but our solution had to incorporate upcycled and recycled materials.  

Here's my entry:  The Chocolate Bar wallet.
Very crapty... and pretty sneaky.   All the materials were destined for the garbage and now they get a second James Bond-esque life hiding some cash.

If you have a free moment, I'd love for you to vote for your favorite entry here.  The other challengers came up with pretty great ideas, so they're definitely worth checking out.

Hope you have a great start of the week.  We're still battling illness here, but things seem to *hopefully* be on the mend.