Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Perler Bead Zip Tie Statement Necklace

Ok, ok.  I'm still on the Perler bead kick.

I can't help it!  The jar is still practically full of beads.... and it mocks me whenever I walk by.  I tried hiding them in a craft drawer, but it didn't help.  I hear tiny colorful voices crying  "Leslie, Leslie.  Use us.  Use us!"

So like any crafter, I caved in to their siren calls.

Inspired by Mark Montano, I used zip ties to make these quick and easy Perler bead statement necklaces.  Tada!

I think the right one looks really cute and fresh.  I was on the fence about the left one... but it was a hit with Chuck.  He decided to wear it to church on Sunday (along with a backwards basketball cap, purple exercise shorts, and sneakers.....oi!) 

So if you too find yourself taunted by Perler beads, you could try making these necklaces too.  Let's begin!

  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Zip Ties
  • Perler beads
  • Safety pin (not shown, but needed to undo your zip ties in case you change your mind)

1.  Plan out your design.  See what colors work together.  Be sure to plan ahead... because taking zip ties apart once they've been tied is kind of annoying.  (See step 4 for directions to undo your zip ties.)

2.  String your beads onto the first zip tie.  Slip one end into the other and pull to secure your tie.  Congratulations!  You now have your first loop.   

3.  String your beads onto another zip tie (I used green beads.) Then, link the second zip tie through your previously made loop.  Lock up the zip tie.  Keep on going until you have a whole chain of links.

4.  Once you've made a necklace that you like, snip off the excess ends.

  • Once you snip off the excess plastic, you can't really undo the zip ties.
  • Don't your like your design?  No worries.  Jab the pointy end of the safety pin into the zip tie locking mechanism.  Push down on the tiny tab inside and you'll undo the tie.  It's kind of annoying to do... so again, make sure you take time at step 1 to figure out your design first.
 And that's how you make the necklace on the right.  To make the one on the left, just double the loops.

Then, add ribbon and you're done.  Now you have your very own colorful and quirky necklace.

Happy crafting!

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