Monday, September 9, 2013

What's up Chuck?

Hi friends! 

How was your weekend?  Good, I hope.

After our previous week of activities, we mostly stayed around our neighborhood and took things easy.  But on Saturday night the traveling bug bit us full force.  We just had to go out.  So, we hopped aboard a bus and took an impromptu trip into the city. 

It was Chuck's first time seeing Times Square and Toys-R-Us.  I think he was quite dazzled by all the lights and hubbub.

Bright lights... big city...

I kept waiting for this guy to move... but he never did.

Ack! Humongous dinosaur in Toys-R-Us.  Hrmm... I wonder if was lifesize?

Can you believe this Green Hulk is made out of Lego?

Whoa.  They have a ferris wheel inside of the store!

Here we are riding the ferris wheel.  (Tee hee hee. Chuck's eyes are as big as saucers from seeing all the sights.)

Peeking out of car

Happy Monday!