Tuesday, October 15, 2013

DIY Flower Crown Tutorial

Lately hubby's had to do quite a bit of traveling for work.  (Boo!)  Chuck and I try to hold down the fort during the weekdays, but it's just not the same and we miss him terribly.  So we're always glad when the weekend finally rolls around and we get to have fun as a family.

This weekend we're hoping to visit a nearby Rennaisance Faire.  Fingers crossed that on Saturday we'll be watching jousting knights, chomping on large turkey legs, and seeing lots of people in lovely costumes (my favorite part.) 

This will be Chuck's second Rennaisance Faire. (You can see our previous faire adventure here.)  And like last time, I wanted to make a floral crown to wear there.  Last year I crapted a floral crown out of plastic bags but this year I used leftover flowers from my crystallized flower experiment.

There are tons of tutorials and videos out there showing how to make floral crowns, but I followed this one from Kimmie of Sugar and Dots because it was really easy and straight forward.

  • felt that's the same color as your hair
  • fake flowers
  • hair elastic
  • glue gun
  • scissors


1.  Remove the flower heads and leaves off the stems.  Cut off the green plastic bit off the back of your flower so you'll have a flatter surface to glue onto the felt.  But be careful not to cut the green bit completely off or your flowers will just come apart.

2.  Cut out two similar sized strands of felt. 

3.  Hot glue your leaves onto one strand of felt.  Then, hot glue your flowers on.  (I glued on the larger flowers first and then added the smaller flowers.)

4.  Cut your second strand of felt into smaller rectangles.

5.  Hot glue your flower felt band onto your elastic head band.  To make sure that the elastic stays put, glue on your smaller felt rectangles on top of the elastic.  Your elastic band should now stay put because it's sandwiched between felt. 

6.  Optional:  I've worn this headband now a couple of times and noticed that the felt on both ends of the headband is starting to peel away from the elastic band.  To help ensure that they stay in place, you could always just pull out a needle and thread and add a couple of stitches on each side.

And that's all it takes to make this floral crown.

Happy crafting!