Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween from a little Lightening McQueen

Happy Halloween everybody!  

Hope you have a wonderful and magical day!  
As promised, here are some photos of Chuck in his Lightening McQueen costume at a church party.
(And if you want to see my matching Mack costume, click here.)

(Did you see shoes?  Click here to see how I painted his Lightening McQueen Shoes.)

And here are a couple of photos showing how I made it. 

I stink at sewing.  So I just made an apron-like costume.  I drew and cut out some pattern pieces out of brown paper bag.  Then, I traced them onto felt.  Once I cut all the pieces out, I hot glued everything together.

A couple of hours and one second degree burn later (Ouch!  Hot glue is really hot), I finally finished.  Here's what the front of the costume looks like:

And here's what the back looks like:

We've now worn the costume to two parties and it's held up.  (Phew!)

Happy Halloween!