Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween from a little Lightening McQueen

Happy Halloween everybody!  

Hope you have a wonderful and magical day!  
As promised, here are some photos of Chuck in his Lightening McQueen costume at a church party.
(And if you want to see my matching Mack costume, click here.)

(Did you see shoes?  Click here to see how I painted his Lightening McQueen Shoes.)

And here are a couple of photos showing how I made it. 

I stink at sewing.  So I just made an apron-like costume.  I drew and cut out some pattern pieces out of brown paper bag.  Then, I traced them onto felt.  Once I cut all the pieces out, I hot glued everything together.

A couple of hours and one second degree burn later (Ouch!  Hot glue is really hot), I finally finished.  Here's what the front of the costume looks like:

And here's what the back looks like:

We've now worn the costume to two parties and it's held up.  (Phew!)

Happy Halloween!


  1. Chuck looks so cute

  2. This is great!! Best I've seen!

  3. Hi! Just wondering how much felt you needed for this super cute costume-- I'm going to (attempt) to recreate the look!

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  6. Está buenísimo. Nos compartirias los moldes?!


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