Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Make Snowflake Window Clings

Tomorrow it's supposed to snow.  Chuck went to bed super excited because I promised him that we'd build a snowman. 

Cross your fingers that our town is dusted in snow, ok?

Although this will be the first real snowfall of the season, our apartment's windows have already been covered with snowflakes for the past couple of weeks.  Every winter I cut out snowflakes from paper, but this year I tried something new and made snowflake window clings out of tulle and fabric paint.  I think they make Chuck's room a bit more festive and fun.

To see how I made them, read on...

  • Snowflake images (I used a shopping bag that already had snowflake designs on it, but you could just print out images from the internet)
  • Plastic wrap
  • Tape
  • Tulle
  • Fabric Puff Paint (New jars preferred)
  • Scissors
  • Optional:  Sequins and Skewer


1.  Tape down your snowflake images. (Make sure they lie flat against your work surface.)

2.  Tape down a piece of plastic wrap over your images.  (Make sure that it lies down flat against your snowflake images.)

3.  Tape down a piece of tulle over your saran wrap.  (Make sure that it lies down completely flat over your plastic wrap.)

4.  Carefully trace the fabric puff paint over your snowflake images.  (I got the nicest results when I worked with full containers of paint.  When I used half-empty ones my paint didn't always come out smoothly and splattered.  It helped a little bit when I shook those containers first before using them.) 

5.  Optional:  While your paint dries, add sequins to your snowflakes.  (I dropped them down into the paint and used a skewer to press it down or adjust its placement.)

6.  Wait for your paint to dry.  (I waited overnight.)  Then cut out your snowflakes, leaving a small tulle outline around them.

Then, stick them to your windows for instant snow showers.

And since I had a couple of cupcake liners lying around, I turned them into snowflakes.  (I folded it in half to make a taco shape.  Then, I folded it in half again to make a quarter of a circle.  Then, I folded it again to make a pizza shape.  Then I just cut out various shapes out of the pizza shape.)

And that's it!  

Oh winter snow, we're ready for you!  But even if you don't come by, our windows will still be adorned with some fabulous frosty flakes. 

Stay warm friends, and happy crafting!