Sunday, December 15, 2013

What's up Chuck? Weekend Recap

This weekend we had plans to go into the city to see the train show at Grand Central Terminal. Unfortunately, it snowed all day Saturday (eep!) and I was battling a cold, so we ended up hanging out at home.  At first I was pretty bummed out, but thankfully everything turned out alright in the end.

Chuck and I played with his cars.... a lot....
We re-enacted scenes from the movie "Mater's Tall Tales..."
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 We did a lot of towing.... (the cars were stuck in the snow!)
 And we did quite a bit of auto repair too

Once the snow stopped, hubby and Chuck built two snowmen outside.
One was super tiny...
(Chuck named this one "Baby Snowman")
 And the other one was ginormous....
(Chuck named him "Tow Mater."  Yeah.... you could say that we have a tiny thing for Cars around here.)

And then I went a bit stir crazy and chopped off my hair in the bathroom.


Yurp.  By the time I was done, I'd cut off 7 inches.  Whoa!!!  Boy, oh boy, does my head feel lighter.  Maybe I'll upload some photos later... but for now I'm feeling a wee bit camera shy.

As I hacked off my hair, hubby and Chuck watched a Christmas movie on the couch.  See those two blankets?  Chuck took them out of his crib to share with daddy.  Don't they look super comfy cozy? *Sigh* It makes me so happy to see my two favorite guys hanging out. 

Hope you had a good weekend, friends!