Friday, February 7, 2014

DIY Metal Cap Toe Boots

Have you heard of Boo hoo?  They're an online clothing retailer that's popular in Europe and recently started branching out in the US.  A couple of months ago they sent me a pair of Mya Buckle Trim Biker Boots to use in a DIY craft.  At first I wanted to add a ton of studs to them... but the studs got lost in the mail. So I took an alternate route and gave them some spray painted metal cap toes! 

Keep reading to see what I did!

  • Silver spray paint
  • Tape
  • Plastic Bag
  • Cardboard Box


1.  Clean off your shoes.

2.  Place tape over your shoe to mark the outline of your metal cap.  (Note:  Make sure both caps are the same size and straight.  I was too excited to spray paint that I didn't check.  Now one of my metal caps is slightly smaller than the other.)

3.  Cover the bottom of your shoe with tape.  Then, tape a plastic bag over the back of the boot.  This way, only the front of your boots are exposed and spray painted.

4.  Make sure your tape is securely fastened!!! (My lines weren't completely straight and clean because I did not press some parts of my tape completely down.)

5.  Place your boot into a box to protect the surrounding area from spray paint.

6.  Take your box and boots outside.  Then, spray paint them!  To prevent drips and ensure an even coat, spray many light coats over the front of your shoe. It took several layers of spray paint before my toes turned silver.

(Funny story- A neighbor came out of the building and saw me spray painting at night.  He asked if we had a roach problem.  I told him that I was spray painting my shoes.  I think he thinks that I'm that crazy lady in the building.)

7.  Let your spray paint completely dry.  Then, peel off your tape.  Now you've got yourself a pair of DIY Metal Cap Toe Boots!

Now I'm going to wear these babies around town and see how well the spray paint holds.  Should I spray them with a clear sealer?  We'll see.  I'll update this page later with my findings!

Once again, a bit thanks to Boo hoo for sending these boots over.  Check out their site for a cool selection of clothes, shoes, and accessories.  Right now they're running a sale for 20% off their Valentine's Shop!

Happy crafting!