Thursday, February 13, 2014

DIY Sprinkles and Hot Glue Cake Toppers

Sprinkles are the happiest decorations in the world.  They're super colorful and remind me of sweets and cake.  So I made these sprinkle cake toppers to turn boring rice krispies into something a bit more festive and Valentines-y for our toddler group. 

DIY Sprinkles cupcake toppers
They were super easy to make and added a happy touch to my snacks.  Keep reading to make them for yourself!

  • Sprinkles
  • Parchment Paper
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Skewers (or tooth picks)
  • Scissors
  • Shallow baking pan


How to make DIY Sprinkles cupcake toppers

1.  Doodle a heart shape on a piece of parchment paper with Sharpie marker.

2.  Cut your skewer to your desired length.  Remember, you're using the pointy end to make your topper.  (Or, alternatively, just use tooth picks.)

3.  Place your parchment paper into a shallow baking dish, doodle side down.  (The pan will keep your sprinkles from rolling around.)  Then, trace half of the heart with hot glue.  Toss on the sprinkles.  (Hot glue dries pretty quickly, so I found that it was easier to work in sections.)

4.  Trace the other half of your heart with hot glue.  Toss on sprinkles.

5.  Once your hot glue heart dries, lift up your heart and turn it over.  Now you're going to attach the skewer and cover the back with sprinkles.

6.  Trace half of the heart with hot glue.  This time attach your stick onto the bottom of your heart and add sprinkles.

7.  Hot glue sprinkles to the finish the other side of your heart.

Now you've got your very own sprinkle heart cake toppers:
Up close shot of  DIY Sprinkles cupcake toppers

They're super cute and look good enough to eat... but don't!  Hot glue probably tastes really gross.
Cute DIY sprinkles and hot glue cake toppers

Happy crafting!
Cute DIY heart sprinkles cake toppers