Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Make Coffee Filter Flowers

Today we're continuing our spring flower theme with these easy to make coffee filter flowers.  Now I'm not a coffee drinker, but I bought a pack of filters anyway because I really wanted to try making these with Chuck.  He had a lot of fun helping me to dye the coffee filters different colors with food coloring.  Then, I had a lot of fun cutting them up and turning them into a lovely and everlasting bouquet of colorful flowers.

How to Make coffee filter flowers (for kids)

Do you need a colorful boost today?  Or do you need a quick and fun activity to do with your kids?  Why not try your hand at making a lovely bouquet of coffee filter flowers too?

Materials Needed to Make Coffee Filter Flowers:

  • Coffee filters
  • Food coloring
  • Dropper (or paint brush)
  • Shallow baking pan
  • Paper Towels
  • Scissors
  • Masking Tape
  • Pipe Cleaners

How to Make Coffee Filter Flowers:

Dye coffee filters with food coloring

Dye the coffee filters with food coloring:

1.  Mix together a couple of drops of food coloring with some water to dilute it.  Place a couple of coffee filters in a shallow baking pan.  Then, give your kid a dropper (or a paint brush) and let him dye the filters different colors.

Let your food coloring dyed coffee filters dry

2.  Once the coffee filters are dyed, place them on paper towels and let them dry.  (Psst- Aren't the colors beautiful?)

Fold Coffee filters and cut them into flowers

 Cut Coffee Filter Flower Shapes:

3.  Once your coffee filters dry, it's time to cut some coffee filter flowers shapes!  Take three filters and fold them all together in half.

4.  Then, fold them in half again till you get a quarter of a filter.

5.  Then, fold them in half again till you get an eight of a filter.

6.  Then, cut out petal shapes.

Colorful Coffee filters waiting to be turned into flowers

Making coffee filter flowers

Make Coffee filter flowers:

7.  Now it's time to make some coffee filter flowers!  Take one flower and scrunch it in the middle.

8.  Then, place a pipe cleaner right next to it.

9.  Then, scrunch another coffee filter and place it next to your pipe cleaner.

10.  Then, tape everything together tightly with masking tape.

Wrap pipe cleaner around to create a stem for coffee filter flowers

11.  Now it's time to cover up the masking tape.  Fold up your pipe cleaner.  Then, twist it around your masking tape to hide it with lovely green pipe cleaner "stem."

Now you've got a lovely bouquet of coffee filter flowers that you can keep for your own home...

Easy to make coffee filter flowers

or give them away to someone that you love!
give coffee filter flowers away as a gift

Or, just wrap them around pens to create lovely, springy coffee filter flower pens.
Twirl coffee filter flower around pen

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