Thursday, April 24, 2014

3 Ingredient Slime (Borax free!)

Today's craft is going to be a super easy 3 ingredient slime recipe.  I originally found this slime recipe on fellow Rockin Arts Mom  Blog Me Mom 's site.  (She's amazing and her site has tons of other great slime recipes and definitely check it out!)  I had to post this recipe here because it's AMAZING!  Erm... just how amazing?  Well, this past week I made 12 batches of slime.  12 batches!  I know, crazy right?  But that's just a testament to how cool this homemade slime recipe is, and how super duper easy it is to make. 

Homemade 3 Ingredient (Borax free) Slime 


how to make 3 ingredient homemade borax free slime

Yup.  This stuff kept kids aged 2 - 30 something (erm... ok... me) entertained.  And here are the 4 reasons why it's super AWESOME.

1.  It's Borax free.  No scary chemicals lurking here.
2.  It's "edible."  (You could eat it... although I really wouldn't... unless you want to be "regular.") 
3.  You only need 3 ingredients to make it.
4.  You can make it in the microwave.

Excited?  Now let's get started!

  Homemade Slime Ingredients

use fiber supplement with psyllium to create homemade slime

Here are the 3 ingredients that you'll need to make homemade slime:
  • Uncolored fiber supplement with Psyllium  (It MUST contain this as the active ingredient. If you use Metamucil, you will get orange slime.   To make different colored slime, get a brand that isn't colored.)
  • Food Coloring
  • Water

Materials Needed to Make Homemade Slime 

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  • Microwave
  • Very large Microwaveable bowls(the slime will rise as it cooks, so use a big bowl to prevent it from oozing into your microwave)
  • Whisk
  • Measuring spoons (or fork)
  • Liquid Measuring cup
  • Oven mitts (or dish cloth)
  • Paper towels


Directions to make Homemade Slime 


easy 3 ingredient homemade slime recipe

Here's how you make your homemade slime:

1.  In a very large bowl, combine your fiber supplement, food coloring, and water.  (To get the actual measurements of all the ingredients, click on Blog Me Mom's 1 ingredient edible slime recipe.)

2.  Mix all the ingredients together.

3.  Microwave the mixture for 3 minutes.  (The slime will rise at it cooks.  Keep your eye on it to make sure that it doesn't overflow.)

4.  Then, microwave it for 30 seconds intervals, 4 times.    (So you'll microwave it 30 seconds and then check to make sure it didn't overflow.  Then you'll microwave it again for 30 seconds, and then check to make sure it didn't overflow.  And then you'll microwave it again for 30 seconds, and then check to make sure it didn't overflow.  And then you'll microwave it again for 30 seconds.)

5.  When you take your slime out of the microwave, it will be VERY HOT.  Let it cool.  (I put my bowls outside or in the fridge to help speed up the process.  Then the slime was cool enough for the kids to touch in about 5-10 minutes.) 

And now you've got a bunch of lovely, ooey-gooey slime. 

How to Play with Homemade Slime

use psyllium as ingredient for 3 ingredient slime recipe

For those who like getting messy:  Some kids enjoyed getting their hands dirty and squishing it in their hands.  I guess they liked the way it oozed and squished between their fingers.  (The slime is pretty wet and stuck to their hands.  So keep a towel on hand to wipe slimey hands up.)  Other kids just liked poking it or slapping it with their palms.  (Personally, I found it very therapeutic to just squeeze it in my hand.)

hide toys in homemade slime

For those who don't like getting their hands messy:  My son is going through a non-dirty hand phase.  He hates getting his hands dirty.  (I'm hoping he'll outgrow this stage soon... because I love getting messy.) So, we hid some tiny animals inside of the slime and he picked them out with some kitchen tongs.

We made a bunch of different colored slime and initially kept them separated.  But then I went a bit crazy and mixed everything together to make multicolored rainbow slime. 

recipe for 3 ingredient homemade slime

And lastly.... Will this slime last?  We kept ours overnight in the fridge.  The next day, it was even slimier (and colder).  I didn't keep it after that though.

That's it.  Hopefully you and your family enjoy playing with this homemade slime!

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Happy sliming!