Monday, July 7, 2014

ezine: Impact with Simplicity and Savings

how to live simple lives that impact others

Last summer, Amy and Lisa came up with the dream to create a series of ezines called Impact.  These free ezines would share easy ways to positively impact other people's lives.  Their first issue, Impact with Crafts showcased some great crafts that could be used to encourage others.  This current issue, Impact with Simplicity and Savings focuses on practical ways that we can live simply and save, so that we have more to give others.  

I'm so thankful to have contributed to this current issue.  As I grow older, I tend to gravitate towards owning fewer things, and living a simpler, but still meaningful life.  I definitely don't have all the kinks worked out (eh hem... avert your eyes from my cardboard stash for example...), but I am encouraged that by the ideas from other like-minded gals who are trying to do the same.  Check out this new issue here!