Friday, August 8, 2014

Build a Bird's Nest

Lately Chuck and I have been going on a lot of nature walks.  Typically after lunch or dinner we'll just walk around our neighborhood and fly our toy planes, or pick up random rocks and twigs on the sidewalk.  Because Chuck loves collecting different objects, I thought it would be fun if we tried making something with the items that we found.  This time, we tried our hand at making a bird's nest.

Let's Build a Bird's Nest!

build a bird's nest using items gathered from nature walk

Before we took our nature walk, we looked online for photos of birds' nests.  Then, we collected random leaves, grass, twigs, and anything else that struck our fancy on our nature walk.  (We also tried looking for birds' nests... but couldn't find any around.)

collect items on a nature walk

Then when we got back, we got to work making our nests.  I took a lead roll in putting the nest together and Chuck took the lead roll in ripping up the grass and breaking twigs.

start off your bird's nest

After building our first attempt we realized that we needed A LOT more twigs and grass to fill the nest out.  So we took another nature walk later on and collected more twigs.

keep adding sticks, twigs, leaves, and grass until you're done

And then we kept trying to fill the nest out.  Here's our final attempt at nest building.  I definitely have a new found appreciation for birds.  Our nest was beautiful, but gosh, how do they make everything stick together and hold eggs too?  Oof.  I'm just hoping that our nest stays in place overnight and doesn't blow around all over the place!

Hopefully this idea inspires some of your future nature walks with your children too.

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Happy making!