Friday, September 19, 2014

Origami Black Cat

Halloween is coming! Halloween is coming!  My favorite holiday is coming!  I love the candy!  I love the costumes!  I love carving pumpkins!  And I especially love the Halloween crafts!  So I'm starting off this year's Halloween crafts with this really cute origami Halloween black cat.

Origami Halloween Black Cat

how to make an origami Halloween black cat
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The directions for this cat came from the book Horrorgami.  I'm definitely an origami newbie, so I wasn't able to do as many of the crafts as I would have liked.  But if you love folding paper, this book has a ton of great Halloween-inspired origami.

Ok.  Onto the cat craft!


materials to make origami cat

How to Fold an Origami Black Cat

First we're going to make the cat's body.

fold your square in half
1.  Fold a square diagonally in half, exposing the white underside of the paper.

fold down top corner of the triangle
2.  Fold down the top corner of the triangle to meet the bottom edge.

fold triangle in half bring left corner of the triangle underneath
3.  Fold the triangle in half, bringing the left corner of the triangle underneath to meet the right corner.

fold origami paper to make a sideways star-trek sign
4.  Pull the flap of paper down, so that the side meets the bottom edge of the triangle, to create a sideways star-trek looking sign.

fold the cat's feet
5.  Rotate it.  Fold up the two bottom corners to create feet.  Now you've made the cat's body.  Put it aside.

Now we're going to make the cat's face.

first four steps to fold cat's origami face
1.  Fold your second sheet of paper diagonally in half.
2.   Fold it in half again.
3.  Open up your previous fold from step 2.
4.  Fold the top point of your triangle down to the bottom edge of the triangle.

steps 5-8 to make origami cat
5.  Unfold it, creating a fold.
6.  Fold the bottom edge of the triangle up, meeting the fold previously created in step 6
7.  Then, unfold it, creating another fold.
8.  Fold the triangle in half, letting the right and left corners touch.

9.  Fold the right corner of your triangle up to meet the lower crease made in step 7.
10.  Place a finger inside of the folded triangle.  Then, carefully push that top layer of the triangle down with one hand.

steps 11-12 to make an origami cat
11.  Use your other hand to carefully push down the corner that's  popping up.
12.  Rotate it  Then, fold the middle point underneath to create a cat face.
13.  Glue your two pieces of paper (head and body) together.
14.  Glue on the eyes and bow tie!

Cute right?

And let the Halloween crafting season commence!

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Happy Spooky Making!