Friday, September 12, 2014

Paper Plate Toucan Craft

Have you ever felt like you were a circus performer trying to balance a whole bunch of plates at once?  That's how I've been feeling a bit lately.  These past two weeks have been quite crazy for us.  Chuck turned 3!  (Whoa.  Where did the time go?)  Hubby started work!  So we're trying to figure out how to share 1 car.  (Ack!)  Chuck and I are trying really hard to make friends, so we're now regulars at a weekly art class and library story time.  And I've been burning the late night oil completing some much-appreciated free-lance craft opportunities lately.  I love making things, but I just have to get more organized I think.  Oh yeah.  I'm also going to partner with a great company and do a giveaway next week!  *Fingers crossed that all the details work out.*  So definitely tune in for that.

Ok, onto today's craft.  Amidst all this excitement I wanted to share this super easy paper plate Toucan Craft that Chuck and I did at home one afternoon.   I know, I know, there are some awesome Toucan crafts out there (like this adorable one from I Heart Crafty Things.)  But I was just so pleased by this craft because we made the bird out of 1 paper plate.  Yup.  That's it.  So easy and simple, right?

Paper Plate Toucan Craft

Paper Plate Toucan Craft:  (Just need 1 paper plate!)

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I love easy and fun crafts.  This one was inspired by our repeated reading of this book.   (Actually, if you're going to check that book out, you might as well check out the the whole series.  We love that cat.)

Ok.  Here's how we made our toucan!


  • Paper Plate (1!)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Paint
  • Paint Brushes 
  • Tape

Let's Make a Paper Plate Toucan!

Draw your toucan on the plate

1.  Doodle your bird.   (The section between the head and body is the tail.)

cut out your paper plate toucan parts

2.  Cut it out.

Paint your paper plate toucan

3.  Cover your work area and paint!

(While we were painting, something kind sad happened....

Chuck and I painted our birds side by side.  I was so proud of him for using his eyes to look at the bird photo and trying his best to paint matching colors on his bird.  But then sometime kinda upsetting happened.  When he was done, he looked at both our birds and said that he didn't like his as much as he liked mine.

I felt bad about that and told him that I had more years of painting experience than he had.  Plus, I painted my entire bird in.  In the future, I might not paint side by side next to him anymore.... I don't want him to feel bad about his artwork.... but then again, I like painting with him.   I don't know.  What are your thoughts?  Have you faced this with your kids?)

Ok.  So I still think it's super cool that it fits together like a paper plate!

Make a paper plate toucan

And here are both of our finished birds.  I love how Chuck noticed all of those colors on the beak.

Make Toucan Bird Crafts out of 1 paper plate

4.  Tape on the tail!    Then, enjoy your bird!

Ok.  That's it. I'm off to wake Chuck up from his nap.  If you want to see other super easy paper plate crafts, click on the links below:

And you can always find other fun ideas on my Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts!

See you next week!  Remember, come back for the giveaway!!!!