Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween Art: No Carve Colorful Pumpkins

Looking for an easy way to colorfully decorate your Halloween pumpkins this year?  Then this no-carve method is right up your alley!  Here's one great way to make some fabulous, colorful Halloween art with the kids!

Halloween Art:  No Carve Colorful Pumpkins!

Halloween Art:  No Carve, Colorful Pumpkins, rocks, and pine cones!
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After how the awesome Aunt Peaches easily decorated colorful patchwork pumpkins, I knew I had to try the technique out for myself.   And here's my resulting pumpkin.  Isn't she lovely?

(And it only took a couple of minutes for me to decorate her!)

Colorful, No Carve Halloween Pumpkin Art

How to Create Colorful, No Carve Pumpkins

Wanna know the secret?  I used oil pastels.  Yup!  When I was younger, these were one of my favorite mediums because they drew like super saturated, creamy crayons. Plus, their colors were simply divine.

(Fun fact:  This is the same batch of oil pastels that I had since high school.  Whoa.  I know.)

use oil pastels to decorate pumpkins for Halloween, rocks, and pine cones

Chuck was more interested in sorting the oil pastels than using them. Oh well!  At least he enjoyed painting his pumpkin with gold and green glitter paint.

Easy No Carve Halloween Pumpkin Art

Now, the big problem with oil pastels is that they smear.  Big time.  This wouldn't be a problem if you're don't plan on touching your pumpkins.  I was so inspired by the colors that I ended up using oil pastels on other things we collected from our previous nature walks.

easy no carve colorful Halloween Artwork on pumpkins, rocks, and pine cones

And Chuck loved the colors so much that he kept wanting to touch everything.  I knew the pumpkin would eventually go bad, but I wanted to somehow preserve these Kandinsky-esque rocks.  So I tried a couple of techniques to stop the oil pastels from smearing.

Kadinsky inspired rock art - easy kids craft

How to prevent your oil pastels from smearing

Method 1:  Hair Spray

I bought some AquaNet Hairspray because I read online that it would prevent oil pastels from smudging.  It totally did NOT work for me.  (Although it did give my items a nice smell.)

Method 2:  Mod Podge

Winner!  Turns out simply painting Mod Podge onto everything using these brushes  totally did the trick.

Now we have some lovely fall artwork to adorn our home.  (And I seriously contemplating buying a whole bunch of rocks, decorating them, and using them to landscape our front yard. Wouldn't that be super cool?)

easy colorful Halloween artwork- no carve pumpkins, colorful rocks, and colorful pine cones

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