Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Lego Snowflakes

Do you enjoy cutting snowflakes from paper?  Do you like Lego?   Then I've got a treat for you! Combining both, I recently figured out how to cut out Lego snowflakes!

DIY Lego Snowflakes!

how to cut lego snowflakes
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Hubby and I both grew up loving Lego toys. Chuck loves his cars and train Duplo sets.  And every year I find myself cutting all sorts of paper snowflakes to decorate our windows.  So this year, I was inspired by this neat Batman snowflake design to create two cute and easy-to- cut Lego Snowflakes.  

Here's how I cut these snowflakes out!

First, I cut out a square piece of paper and folded it into fourths.

fold and cut paper to make lego snowflakes

1.  Using a regular sized piece of computer paper, I folded the lower right hand corner to meet the left side of the paper.
2. Then, I cut off the extra overhanging bit.  Now I had a square piece of paper.
3.  Then, I folded my square piece of paper in half.
4.  Then, I folded my square piece of paper in half again.

fold and cut lego snowflakes

5.  Then, I folded the paper in half diagonally (along my previously folded line.)

how to cut lego snowflakes tutorial

6.  And then I cut out the Lego designs!  (The eyes were a bit tricky, so I used a skewer to help poke them out.)

Then, I opened up my snowflakes and got these two designs...

Standing Lego Men Snowflakes

DIY lego men snowflakes

Floating Lego Head Snowflake

how to cut lego face snowflakes

Whaddya think?  Pop in the Lego Movie, pull out a pair of scissors and a couple of sheets of white paper and go at it!

Everything is awesome... everything is awesome... oh wait... sorry about that.

tutorial to cut lego snowflakes

Have fun!

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