Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Valentine, you set my heart aflutter

Last week I shared about our new fascination with butterflies.  (You can read about it and see our fluttering butterfly kid craft here.)  My mind was still on butterflies when I came up with this idea for a DIY butterfly notebook.  

You can easily make this butterfly notebook from items lying around your home.  Plus, it would be a nice handmade gift to give someone for Valentine's Day too.  (It even fits into our 10 funny pun-y Valentine's Day craft series!)

Funny Pun-y Valentine's Day Craft 2:  "You set my Heart aflutter" Butterfly Notebooks!

Easy DIY Butterfly Notebooks- Perfect to make from scrap cardboard and a great Valentine's Day gift too!  (Tell someone they set your heart aflutter!)

You can see my first funny, pun-y craft here (Craft 1: "You Rock My World" Rocks).


how to make a butterfly notebook

To make this butterfly notebook, I folded a paper in half to create a butterfly template.  Then, I traced the template onto a cereal box, drew the design with a Sharpie marker, and used a normal marker to color it in.  Then, I folded several pieces of computer paper into quarters and easily traced and cut out several slightly smaller butterfly shapes.  Then, I stapled the notebook together.

Now comes the neat part.  When you close the notebook, you see a butterfly with it's wings closed.  Then, you can open it up to reveal a butterfly with fully stretched wings (as well as a pad of paper to write your thoughts on.)

I think this would make a pretty fun gift to give to someone this Valentine's Day! (I'm keeping mine in my purse to jot down notes.)

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Happy making!