Sunday, February 1, 2015

Chinese New Year Dragon Puppet

Chinese New Year is coming soon!  We've been so engrossed in Valentine's day crafts lately, that I almost forgot about the holiday.  But today we're rectifying that mistake.  Last year we made these 2 really easy dragon puppets.  (Definitely check them out because they were super cute and super easy.  Plus, I included free printable templates!)

This year we're keeping with the dragon theme and making this Chinese New Year Dragon Puppet from recycled cardboard!  It's an upgraded version of last year's craft because you can actually move this dragon around!

Recycled Chinese New Year Dragon Puppet

recycled craft- Chinese New Year dragon
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Let's Make a Chinese New Year Dragon Puppet!

We used 1 cardboard egg carton and three toilet paper rolls to create the dragon.  First, I cut apart the egg carton to make 4 pairs of egg holders and teeth.  Then, Chuck and I worked together to paint everything.

egg cartons and toilet paper roll dragons

Then, I hot glued the egg carton bits onto the toilet paper rolls, attached the two jaws together with fasteners, and glued on eyes.
put together the Chinese New Year dragon parts

Then, I hot glued the head and body parts onto a long piece of ribbon.
glue egg carton and toilet paper rolls together to make dragon

Then, I poked and hot glued one straw into the second body segment. stick a straw into your Chinese New Year dragon toilet paper roll

Then, I cut the tip of another straw in half and poked it through the bottom jaw.  I used a piece of packing tape to keep it in place. insert straw into your dragon's mouth

And now we had our very own dragon puppet! 
Chinese new year dragon puppet made from recycled materials

Just move the straws up and down to make your dragon dance!
Chinese New Year Dragon Puppet made from recycled materials (egg cartons and toilet paper rolls)

happy chinese new year dragon

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