Thursday, March 12, 2015

Snack Time Veggie Monsters

Is it possible to be allergic to green, healthy food?  Because I think Chuck has that allergy.  Yurp.  Whenever I mention things like "cucumber" or "carrots" he immediately makes a face and says he won't like it.  Every. Single. Time.  Bah!  I'm just hoping this is a phase.

To help Chuck eat more fruits and veggies, I recently tried making snack time more fun and made Snack Time Veggie Monsters!

Snack Time Veggie MonstersUse vegetables and googly eyes to create monsters to help encourage kids to eat their veggies and fruits!

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Now this idea came from the Cars Craft Book - Games and Toys.  My sister-in-law knew that Chuck LOOOVES the Cars series, so she gave us this fun craft book to try out together.  (Thanks Justine!)   And while he did enjoy sticking tooth picks and googly eyes into things.... he still isn't a veggie lover. (Although he did try cucumbers... so I guess that's a tiny win.  Cucumbers are veggies, right?  Right.) 

Here was our set-up:

materials needed to make veggie monsters

We taped on large googly eyes to toothpicks.  (And by the way, did you know that they have SUPER GIANT googly eyes?  Ah.  So. Cute.  I kinda want to get some and stick them on random things in our neighborhood. Wouldn't that be hilarious?)

boy holding up very large googly eyes

Then we stuck different veggies and fruits onto our cucumber bases.  (The carrots were so hard to stick toothpicks through, so I had to help out with that.)

snack time veggie monsters

All in all we had fun playing with our veggies.... and we're still working on our veggie eating.  (Any hints or tips would be appreciated!)

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