Saturday, March 28, 2015

Crayon Hugger Cards

This past week Chuck attended his friends' (twin boys) birthday party.   I was all set to have him cards for them.... but then we totally ran out of time.  (Does that ever happen to you?  It happens to me all. the. time.)  So the morning of the party, I came up with this really, really, REALLY easy set of birthday cards for the two boys.

Inspired by Lia Griffith's super cute Valentine's Candy Huggers (which by the way, you should totally check out because she includes free templates for them), I doodled up some crayon hugger cards.

Melted Crayon Hugger Cards

DIY Crayon Hugger Cards- Easy for kids to make and give!

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Aren't they adorable?  Here's the super quick tutorial showing how we made them!

1.  We made our own DIY multicolor rainbow crayons.  (Chuck really loves ripping off crayon wrappers and breaking them.  So he had a ton of fun making his own crayons. Come to think of it... that's probably why he also loved making melted crayon friendship rocks too.  Hmm...)

melted crayon heart crayons

2.  Then, I doodled out a design for the crayon huggers.  I drew the two little boys with Sharpie markers and made sure to give them especially long arms.  (The boys really like pirates and super heroes, so I tried doodling those.)  Then, I cut those out.  (But looking back, maybe Chuck should have colored them in first, so that he would have more material to hold onto as he colored.)

doodle your crayon hugger crards

3.  Color the images in!  (Chuck wasn't in the mood for coloring, so I didn't really push him.)

4.  Then, I just taped the crayon and hands together.  (Lia's original tutorial mentioned using glue dots.  I didn't have any of those on hand, but certainly they would have given a neater result!)

melted crayon hugger cards- fun for kids to make and give

That's it!  Scribble on a "Happy Birthday" somewhere and you're all set.  
These are some super easy, unique, and cute handmade cards!

And if your child really enjoys destroying his or her crayons too, here are some other crayon-melting crafts!

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