Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Glue Suncatchers

Awhile back I made this lovely apple faux stained glass using black glue as the "lead" and tinted clear glue (affiliate link) to paint colorful panels.  Ever since making that craft, I kept wondering if there was a way to adapt it for preschoolers.  So I came up with this super easy kids glue sun catcher activity.   It takes only 2 ingredients to make the "paint" and you probably already have all the materials on hand!

Super Easy Glue Sun catcher Art with Kids  

how to make glue sun catchers with preschoolers

Before you start, definitely cover your work area!

kid art- boy mixing glue sun catcher paint

To make the paint, we mixed a couple of drops of food coloring with plain old white glue.  Then, we used toothpicks to mix the colors up.

painting sun catchers with preschoolers- easy and fun kid art

Then, we taped on a piece of clear saran wrap (my "glass") to our work table. Then, we used a ton of brushes (one for each color, since I didn't want Chuck washing the brushes out and diluting the glue mixture) to paint our artwork onto the saran wrap.

As you can see, the colors are pretty vibrant and the "paint" is nice and thick.

how to make super easy glue sun catcher art with preschoolers

how to make glue suncatcher art with kids

After we finished our artwork, we covered our saran wrap art with another sheet of saran wrap.  We then squished down on the colors, further mixing them.  (This step was optional, but it was just so tempting and fun to do.)

Tada! Done! This easy and colorful artwork sticks so nicely to the windows because of the saran wrap.

kid glue suncatcher art- fun preschool art activity for spring

Of course, I made some art too.  As you can see, I used quite a bit of glue paint and it managed to run over the next day or so.

dripping glue suncatcher art

I hope you enjoy trying this fun activity out with your kids!

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