Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Shiny Foil Process Art

While I love making crafts with my preschooler, sometimes it's just nice doing process art activities with him.  We don't worry about the results.  We just dig in, throw everything into the pot, and see what comes up.  It's kind of freeing really to not worry about the product.

Awhile back we made some rainy day process art tissue paper canvas art and Matisse murals together.   Since we really enjoyed those activities, this time I pulled out our aluminum foil and we tried our hand at making some shiny foil process art.


shiny foil process art- great open-ended collage activity for young kids
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Here are the materials we used:

how to set up shiny foil process art for young kids

1.  First, I covered our work space.

2.  Then, I taped a sheet of aluminum foil onto the table.  (Just realized something-  wouldn't this look cool as a mural?  I think that would be a great collaborative project for a whole bunch of kids!)

3.  Then, we tore up different colored tissue paper bits.

4. . Then, we made our glue mixture by mixing equal parts glue and water in an old container.  (At first we just poured glue onto the aluminum foil, but it was way too thick and I felt like we were just wasting a whole bunch.)  It was much better to use the paint brushes to "paint" the glue on.

5.  We "painted" our tissue paper pieces on.  As the tissue paper got really wet, the colors started mixing. That was really cool to see.

6. Once we finished with the tissue paper we used our glitter pens, glitter, and feathers to add extra special touches.

They dried overnight and then we had some lovely, shiny art!

open-ended process art for preschoolers- shiny foil process art

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