Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Make Lego Prints with Kids

I'm always looking for ways to encourage my preschooler to make art with me.  Lately he's been infatuated with Lego and Transformers.  One day, after building a good-guy hideout from Lego, I was struck by how pretty our design looked.  So we grabbed some paint and made some Lego prints to capture all the details of our lovely design!

Make Lego Prints with Kids!

Lego Prints- Super easy and fun way to make art with Lego!  Great kids craft!
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Before we start, here's a bit about the inspiration behind this activity.  Recently our preschool teacher did fish prints with the kids.  Yup.  Fish prints.  They were so incredibly fun to make and the details we captured were amazing!  (Image from my IG feed.)

So I simply used this same technique to make these Lego prints!


To do this activity, you'll need:

Let's Make Some Lego Prints!

Grab your Lego board and make a design.  (This was our Transformer hideout.)  
Lego Prints- Step 1, design your lego board

Cover your work area.  Now, paint your Lego pieces!

Paint your Lego board to make lego prints

When your design his painted, cover it with a sheet of newsprint.  Carefully run your hands over your entire design, making sure to transfer the paint!

Kid art- rub your hand over the paper to make Lego art

Lift up the paper to reveal a lovely piece of modern Lego artwork!
Kid art:  Carefully lift up your newsprint to reveal Lego prints!

You can keep reprinting the same design, or move around your pieces to make a new design, or just grab a bucket and start cleaning your pieces.   Tempera paint washes right out and kids loooove playing with water!  (We used an old toothbrush to get paint out of tiny nooks and crannies!)

Wash your Lego in water after using them to make art!

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