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Make a Woven CD Dream Catcher

While I love paper craft projects, lately I've been trying to branch out with new materials and new techniques.  I've posted a couple of weaving crafts on this site before and was itching to try some more.   Today I'm going to share a fun cd weaving project.  It took a little while to weave each cd, but I think it was worth it because the results are just so beautiful.  (Plus, isn't everyone always trying to figure out new ways to get rid of cds?)

Woven CD Dream Catcher Craft

Woven CD Dream Catcher- Great Kids art and craft projects
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By the way, if you seriously have a ton of CDs that you'd like to get rid of, then today's the perfect day for you!  Several other kid-craft loving bloggers and I are sharing some easy and fun CD crafts, just perfect for kids of all ages!  So be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page for some more CD crafts, like this neat Spinning Top CD Art idea!

And... if you're looking for some great inspirational art books to get the creative juices flowing, here are

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Materials Needed:

Materials to make woven cd dream catcher with kids

  • Yarn (We used smooth kinds, but any will dot)
  • CDs
  • Scissors
  • Beads (I used regular Perler beads and Biggie Beads)
  • Sharpie Markers
  • Needle (You can use a plastic lacing needle, or simply wrap the end in masking tape, or make your own needle by wrapping a toothpick with masking tape, or make a needle from an old plastic lid)

Now there are quite a few cd weaving tutorials out there.  I found this cd weaving tutorial particularly helpeful.  If you're planning on doing this activity with children, definitely check her site out!  She gives great tips on how to adjust this activity for children of all ages.  Plus, she also shares tips about the pros and cons of different types of yarn too!

Let's get weaving!

First, we're going to put on our warp strings.  Cut a piece of yarn (about 6').  Then, tie it to your cd.  (I tied the knot to the shiny side because that was my back side.)  Then, wrap your yarn an odd number of times around your cd.  (I wrapped mine 13 or 15 times.)  Make sure to pull the warp strings tight.  Then, tie your string in place.

how to add warp strings to CDs to make woven cd dream catchers

Now you're going to start weaving.  Cut out a piece of yarn (I cut my pieces 6'-8').  Tie it to your warp string on the back.  Then, pop the string through the hole to the front side (the white side) and tie on your "needle." (Mine was made from a plastic lid.)

start weaving cds with plastic lid needle

Now weave!  Simply go over one warp string and then under the other warp string.  Keep repeating this process, making sure to pull your string tight as you go.

Sometimes I used my plastic lid needle and sometimes I used a piece of masking tape (when I wanted to add beads.)  When you switch strings, simply tie the new yarn to the old yarn and then trim the strings, leaving a little bit of ends left.  Hide the ends under your weaving and no one will be able to know that it's there.  And when you're adding beads, be sure to add one at a time!

how to make woven cd dream catchers- fun cd weaving project to do with kids

Keep on going!  When you're finished, tie your string to a warp string and hide excess bits under your woven circle.  Then, use a Sharpie to add your final touches!

how to do cd weaving with kids the easy and fun way!

Aren't they lovely?

how to weave cds with kids- great craft and art project

You can keep them as they are, or turn them into dream catchers!  To turn them it into dream catchers, tie on strings and beads as shown below.

how to make woven cd dream catchers- kids craft

And now you have some lovely, woven cd dream catchers  

fun kids weaving art and craft project- make woven cd dream catchers

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